1. Can you address my dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or nut allergies? Yes! Please send us an email at pdxplatters@gmail.com with your order number and let us know your dietary restrictions. 
  2. Do you deliver to my house? We deliver to the Portland metro and greater surrounding area (about 15 miles). If you are on the cusp of this area please send us an email and if we have availability we will try our best to make an exception.
  3. If I send it as a gift, can I write a message? Absolutely. Every platter comes with an insert that includes a descriptive list of the ingredients with room for a personalized message.
  4. Do you offer client / corporate gifts? Of course. We recommend reaching out at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure we have enough platters. We are happy to work with you to make sure your clients feel how much you appreciate them!
  5. Not seeing your question? Reach out to us through our contact us form.