Chef Alexander (Xan) Gilmartin

PDX Platters is led by classically trained Chef Alexander (Xan) Gilmartin. He has over a decade of experience working at top Portland restaurants such as Clyde Common and Le Pigeon. Xan grew to sous chef at Le Pigeon before moving over to Little Bird as head chef. 

Chef Alexander (Xan) Gilmartin
A note from the chef: 

Towards the end of 2019 I started looking at brick and mortar restaurants to bring my dream of having a restaurant to life. By March of 2020 the world changed and those plans got put on hold.

My wife stopped traveling for work and started working from home. She was constantly in meetings, working 12+ hour days without breaks. I started making her charcuterie platters that she could easily snack on throughout the day. I realized how many other people might be in the same situation. 

PDX Platters provides gourmet cheese and charcuterie platters, delivered to Portland and the greater surrounding area. We see our platters as a way to effortlessly entertain, snack on throughout the week, or even send as a gift.